Sorry for not updating!

Hey everyone!

Sorry we haven’t been updating for a while. As i have mentioned before we’re in year 12 this year so it’s quite difficult to update on a daily basis 😛 Right now it’s been quite full on with assignments, tests and mid year exams coming up soon too so we most likely won’t be updating for the next few months. I’m not sure if we will continue to update after year 12 😦 But we would just like to say thank you to everyone who checked out our website for updates during the… past 1.5 years?! (woah can’t believe we’ve been updating since November 2011 :O) We also never expected to get so many views on our website with currently over 3.3 million views! :’) We would also like to thank Jessica for helping us run this website 🙂

P.s We will most likely post videos from their concert in SEPTEMBER SO EXCITED WEEHEJHFGH :’)

From Michelle and Julie (and Camella who stopped updating about 6 months ago lol) xx


4 responses to “Sorry for not updating!”

  1. ayastyles says :

    Can I take over the website or become a new admin if you say yes please email me on and I can get a few othe people if you want who WILL update daily.

    Yours sincerely aya Tomlinson/styles

  2. Laura says :

    Is there another website like this one?? You guys post the best stuff and I need my One Direction updates!! I’m sad you guys wont be posting things soon 😥

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