One Direction’s waxworks behind the scenes – Daybreak

As we know, One Direction’s beautiful forms are being immortalised in wax at the London Madame Tussauds, and taken on a world tour (slightly bizarre) so that Directioners around the globe can gawp at their waxy frames. The ‘clay head stage’ of the process is almost complete, and Niall Horan had a little look at his waxy self, behind the scenes of the creative process;

Ah, look at his waxy little head. Are they gonna have to take his braces off now that he’s getting them whipped out TO-VERY-DAY?


Another video:

niall horan waxwork
The boys featured in a segment on Daybreak this morning, mainly with their hair all clipped back so that the sculptors could get a good feel of their pretty face; massage their cheeks, stroke their eyelashes, that sort of thing. Maybe we should look into sculpting…

Madame Tussauds have released pictures of the boys’ clay heads as they’re nearly completed – Harry’s is GIANT, just by the way – and they’ve confused the inner workings of our mind, as we think we still fancy them in this weird clay form.

louis tomlinson madame tussaudsharry styles waxworkliam payneZAYN MALIK WAXWORK



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