Liam Payne takes a driving lesson

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Here’s Liam Payne, just going along for a driving lesson, just learning how to drive. Just sat adjusting his wing mirrors and edging his seat forward and accidentally tooting the horn with his big massive celebrity forehead. But what’s this? He has taken a One Direction annual along with him? That’s a bit mad, isn’t it? Has Liam Payne out of One Direction gone completely mad and mental? Possibly. Possibly.


What we like to think that Liam takes a One Direction annual along with him anywhere and everywhere, to consult on occasion when he forgets the rest of the band’s names. But what’s more likely is the driving instructor-y looking man pictured here with him has a tiny daughter or an eBay shop and has requested a signed annual for himself.  It’s the less fun explanation, but not everything can be fun, you know. Get back to the real world.

Anyway, despite not yet having his license, Liam Payne is already locked in a thrilling race with fellow band member Zayn Malik to not be ‘the last member of One Direction who does not know how to drive’. Despite already having bought a £32,000 Bentley, Zayn can’t… Zayn can’t actually drive it yet. Maybe all of One Direction are slowly losing their minds. Maybe this is just the break that boyband nememeses The Wanted have been waiting for.



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