Liam Payne shaves head for Cancer Awareness!

Don’t ever question the kindness of Liam Payne. Today, a picture with a fan hit the internet that had the One Direction star sporting an all-new look. A shaved head. It’s rumored that Liam did it in support of cancer awareness. October is after all, breast cancer awareness month.
But as much as we like to think Liam did it in support of cancer awareness or a good cause, it’s always possible he did it because he felt like it. Earlier this year Liam talked to Top of the Pops Magazine about his frustration at how long it takes to do his hair:
“It used to take at least an hour, which is ridiculous! Now I don’t do as much to it, so it takes about 30 minutes. Honestly, I’ve wanted to shave my head for ages purely because I had to keep doing my hair all the time! Niall’s takes the quickest because he just leaves it to dry and it’s there!”
Either way the picture had various reactions from Directioners – some love it, some hate it. There’s been no comment from Liam regarding his new hair yet.

What do you think of Liam’s new hair?

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One response to “Liam Payne shaves head for Cancer Awareness!”

  1. Mics says :

    OMG Liam cut his hair again???? but he still looks very hot, and cute no matter what his hair is like, and he did it for a special reason and that is the sweetest thing anyone ever did love u liam<3<3:3:3

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