Harry Styles tattoos his sister’s name ‘Gemma’ in Hebrew on his arm

Harry Styles has treated himself to a new tattoo on his arm while out in LA.

According to The Sun, the tatt is his sister Gemma’s name in Hebrew.

The latest ink (yeah we know the lingo) joins the “17 Black” tattoo on his collarbone and the little padlock that Ed Sheeran tattooed on his arm.

Harry Styles

Harry was at the tattoo parlour with his new LA buddies, Kevin McHaleand Jenna Ushkowitz from GleeJessica Szohr from Gossip Girl.

Kevin tweeted: “Tattoo crew! @jennaushkowitz @itsmejessicaszohr @harry_styles @lpthree”

Harry Styles

Who knew they were friends? Showbizland is a strange, strange world.

What do you think of the new tattoo? Comments please!

(Source: http://www.sugarscape.com/main-topics/lads/762711/harry-styles-tattoos-sister-gemma%E2%80%99s-name-hebrew-his-arm?page=1)





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