FULL VIDEO: One Direction Twitcam (30/08/2012)




20 responses to “FULL VIDEO: One Direction Twitcam (30/08/2012)”

  1. AnitaTytonzola says :

    You’are Fantastic! Ahahahah and carzy <3<3 that is why we love you so much !! ahahah

  2. Christy says :

    I missed the best twitcam ever!

  3. Tara Nader says :

    I wish i could’ve watched it live!!! Every time i tried to go on the link i got a blank page saying there was an error :/

  4. IrAm says :

    the are so fucking hot! 😛 lol

  5. Nicole Dalbey says :

    I am laughing my head of and voted for 1D in the vma and voted 10000000 times

  6. Shelby A (@1DFan4lifee) says :

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh WHY DO I ALWAYS MISS IT?

  7. Juli says :

    Harry you look sad 😦 What is it?
    I love you guys! xx

  8. Alana says :

    OMG so Handsome!!!!!

  9. Aria says :

    they never fail to make me laugh

  10. #Pray4MullingarBoys. (@nicole_kels11) says :

    asdfghjkl;<3 Glad you guys got to see eachother for Liam's Birthday!! ❤ Happy LATE Birthday Liam! <3<3<3

  11. MoOnii says :

    ommggg me lo perdi estaba en la escuela que mal! ashhh

  12. yurixi says :

    hey plz send me the link of the tweetcam

  13. lili petrova says :

    one direction Come in Bulgaria 26.10.2012 year

  14. stormy (@StormyChris) says :

    when will you ever go on twitter cam ? every time when i go on your off … please go on it today or now

  15. stormy (@StormyChris) says :

    please i am begging you

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