Manika spills 1D’s secrets + One Direction’s tour habits revealed

One Direction 2012: Singer Manika spills 1D’s secrets! Did you know Zayn wears two pairs of socks ALL the time?!

Teenaged singer Manika has been touring the States with One Direction – I know! How jealous are we! – and today, she’s told a few secrets about just what goes on backstage with the 1D boys…

She began by saying, “They’re such nice people. They like to have fun. Backstage is kind of chilled.”

However, she went on to say that as her dressing room was right next door to theirs at a recent gig, she was perfectly placed to pick up on some exclusive secrets.

She explained first that the boys have “some serious super-fans” who pay a small fortune for rooms in the hotels the boys are staying in, while some simply camp outside waiting for a glimpse of the boys.

Others ride up and down in hotel lifts, praying that one of the 1D lads gets on!

Manika added that in one venue, Harry Styles and his band mates found agolf buggy which they decided they’d take for a quick spin on the freeway, and also that Zayn Malik rides a mini-scooter between his dressing room and canteen, given that he hates to walk anywhere.

She also revealed that the lads taught her a few ‘slang’ terms such as ‘chinwag’, and no matter where he is or what he’s doing, Zayn always wears two pairs of socks.

OK adds, “Manika’s latest single, Good Girls, is out in the US and she’s heading over to the UK VERY soon!”


One Direction’s tour habits revealed, here are the Top 5 things you didn’t know about them

One Direction seemed to be over in the US for a VERY long time and we definitely missed their gorgeous little faces.

So, when we got to have an exclusive chat with the girl who toured alongside them, we could not believe our luck.
Singer Manika revealed some pretty crazy stuff about what Zayn MalikHarry Styles and the boys used to get up to back stage.
She told exclusively all about the One Direction boys and said: “They’re such nice people. They like to have fun. Backstage is kind of chilled.”

But little did we know that they also get up to some pretty hilarious things when they’re not on that stage, and their fans would go to some extreme lengths just to see their fit faces.
Manika, whose dressing room was next door to the boys’, told us that:
1. They have some serious super-fans who would pay for rooms in the hotel they were staying in, or even camp outside, so that they could go up and down in the lift in the hope of catching a glimpse.
2. Harry Styles and the boys found a golf cart at one arena and decided to take it for a spin up and down the hills with one 1D boy just casually hanging off the back of it.
3. Zayn Malik had a mini scooter that he would ride between their dressing room and the canteen – he would never walk places, apparently.
4. One Direction did us Brits proud and taught Manika a few ‘slang’ terms such as ‘chinwag’ – because we use that word ALL the time.

5. Zayn Malik ALWAYS wears two pairs of socks and even used to put a couple of pairs on as soon as he had jumped out of the swimming pool. Strange, but true.
Manika’s latest single, Good Girls, is out in the US and she’s heading over to the UK VERY soon with her lovely manager CeCe Sammy!

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