One Direction Concert Special on Nickelodeon!

On July the 14th, Nickelodeon USA will be showing a One Direction concert special!

 Sorry guys but apparently its not a concert special but A Year In The Making instead :S

Nickelodeon USA To Air Special “One Direction” Documentary Titled “A Year In The Making” On Saturday 14th July 2012

According to Nickelodeon USA on their official Twitter profile page(@NickelodeonTV) and the ‘Nickelodeon Stars’ section of the (geo-locked) official Nickelodeon USA website,, Nickelodeon USA will be premiering and showing a brand new special documentary about the UK-Irish boy band “One Direction” called “A Year In The Making” on Saturday 14th July 2012



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67 responses to “One Direction Concert Special on Nickelodeon!”

  1. Natalye says :

    I Didnt Find It On My Channels. I Have Direct Tv And My Nickelodeon Channel Is 299 and 300 and i tried to find it but its not there 😦

  2. pinkie (@katribble2) says :

    i checked brighthouse and its not listed on the 14th or the 15th!!!! an they stopped playing the commercials :((((((( im gonna cry :((((

  3. Hanna says :

    I have AT&T and I have it

  4. Katie Fitzgerald says :

    I have Time Warner and don’t have it:'( Well, looks like on July 14 at 7 everyone is going to be packing into very house that has AT&T!

  5. Katie says :

    I can’t find it! I’ve tried everything. I have Comcast and it’s not there! My channels for Nick are 225 and 132. They can’t cancel it. I just saw a commercial 5 minutes ago! I mean they can’t do that to us!

    • Sarah says :

      I have Comcast too and I just set my DVR to record victorious at that time for my neighbor bc her DVR isn’t set up right now

  6. Summer says :

    Same i have AT&T too. I almost p**sed m y pants when i saw the commercial for about the millonth time today…

  7. Anna says :

    I can’t find either inhale time Warner I went to the 14th and it says big time rush is coming out at seven not one direction

  8. Anna says :

    I have sorry

  9. Morgan says :

    saw the commercial last night, and there is nothing in the guide. Dont they know that you cant get us excited about something, and then not show it?

  10. irianny says :

    does anyone have verizon cause i was crying on the floor when i couldn’t fing it urh

  11. Nicole says :

    I have xfinity and i cant find it on the channel guide!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

    • Sarah says :

      Oh tv guide didn’t update for it. I found it on my Comcast app. But when it reshowed it in TeenNuck the guide had it. I’m guessing it’ll be in again

  12. Bri says :

    I cant find it!!! Brb im going to go cry

  13. Melissa Styles says :

    i am so mad i can’t find it but i am sure it will come on. on the commercial it says 8 o’clock but online it says 7 i am watching the commercial as i type. it got me exited but its not there glade i am not the only one finding it i thought it was just me 😦 I LOVE ONE DIRECTION AND HARRY STYLES!

  14. Sophia says :

    I have AT&T and i had it a couple days ago. Now i can’t find it, on the 13th. It’s supposed to be on channel 1314 but its not there. Victorious and How To Rock is in it’s supposed time slot. I don’t know whats going on. The commericial is still playing and it still says tommorow, the 14th at 8. Figures it’s Friday the 13th hahahh. Everybody check again tommorow again it may be there. Sometimes they have a mix up. After it airs, if anybody doesn’t catch it, it will be on for the week. Good luck to everybody! All the advertisments say its tommorow and the 1D twitter said that as well. Good luck!!!!!

  15. Sarah says :

    For those of you with direct tv you no linger have nickelodeon until the vicome comes to a price agreement with direct tv. I’m sure you have noticed you lost several channels

  16. Mila says :

    will it be on dish??? because I can’t find it!!!!!

    • Lauren says :

      I think it will be on at 8 when it says victorious. I read the info on victorious and it says the same info for both 30min episodes

  17. Sarah says :

    My Comcast app on my iPhone shows it on my guide but my guide on my box still shows Vitourious and How To Rock

  18. peytonstyles says :

    cant find it on my channels either…excuse me while i go cry!!

  19. Kate says :

    I have dish and i can’t find anything..Which channel would it be on!? All I see is iCarly and Victorious..HELP PLEASE!

  20. Natasha Spellicy says :

    i have time warner… does any one know when and where it will be on?
    My niece is baby sitting and was looking forward to watching it…but now i cant find it! please help.

  21. drea says :

    i cant find it on guide with time warner cabe or when i ook on find shows.. what do i do?!?
    if anyone knows please hep me!

  22. kelcie says :

    Omg OMg will it be on verizon im freaking out omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will it be playing on verzion

  23. Sad Directioner says :

    Nick website says it is on but then u click on the TV guide and it is not on there This is soooooooooooooooo frustrating

  24. Mackenzie says :

    I can’t find it 😦

  25. Mackenzie says :

    I think they messed up the listings… It will probably be on during victorious instead 😦 I need to see my 5 boyfriends!
    Please be on nick

    • Sarah says :

      The. Guides didn’t update for it. But like app and the Internet guide did

      • Sarah says :

        The guides didn’t update the listings for it, but I found it on my phone app and Internet guide for Comcast

  26. Rosheen Hunter says :

    Do we know if the show will air again sometime soon????

  27. Aria says :

    I love u Zayn u are so hot will u marry me

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