Niall Horan on Star Caller – BBC Radio 1 – Greg James


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23 responses to “Niall Horan on Star Caller – BBC Radio 1 – Greg James”

  1. kristine costa says :

    i love you niall

  2. Emma & Emilie says :

    Hey There. We Are Twins And We Love 1D So Much. All You Guys Is So Awsome. All Of You Is Really Cute -Emma & Emilie<3. "Love One Direction<3"

  3. emmajayne fletcher says :

    emma fletcher
    i luv 1d so much i’d love to talk to niall from the band

  4. ayelet says :

    i love one direction i like niall the best but also like the rest

  5. Ellie says :

    hi my names ellie im 13 years old i write songs and sing one thing you should know about me is that i get bullied alot physically and verbally i get hurt BADLYY but when i listen to 1D or any other music i feel alive and IMPORTANT so i just wanted to tell you THANK you for all you done even if you dont know me or talk to me i still need to say it because niall,zayne,liam,harry,louis ur my heros i love you all… from her : ELLIE :)’/

    • Kaley Messer says :

      the same thing has happened to me when I was 10 and 11 and then I finally stood up 4 myself and then one direction came into my life and I am now the normal teen that no one messes with bc they know wht ill do

  6. Alisha says :

    hi my name is Alisha I am 12 years old and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE NIALL HORAN!<3<3<3<3<3<3 please starcall me!<3<3 thanks!<3

  7. lucero campos says :

    hola soy lucero te amo niall horan soy una directioner y desearia una llamada jeje te amo niall horan

  8. Abiagyl McAdams says :

    Omg Nail I love you sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  9. Nicki says :

    Hey Niall, How are you? xx

  10. Kaley Messer says :

    hey Niall , how was you day I hope you ARE having a wonderfull and I just want to let you know that I love you so much and im your biggest fan ill be there next year at one of ur conserts in North Carolina ❤ 🙂

  11. Yolène says :

    Hey niall…how are you??. I love you so much but i’m from germany!

  12. Yolène says :

    You’re so perfect for me! 😉

  13. Yolène (yoyo) says :

    Hey niall…love you so much, hope that I can see you one day! 🙂

  14. Megan North says :

    Hi I’ve put a form I’m it would mean the world to my sister to get a call from zayn and I’ve seen u make others dreams and wishes true so please call us thank you ps I love u Niall

  15. georgia says :

    hi Niall you are the best person I know me and my cousin love you loads and I would love to meet you or just call you!xoxoxox

  16. georgia says :

    hey how are you Niall its my sisters birthday soon and I really want her to get in touch with you so please call me!

  17. Avery roberts says :


  18. Avery roberts says :

    hi,umm i love your music specially “half a heart” and i know you guys will have a concert at manila,and how i wish i could watch your concert,but my savings er not enough to buy a ticket. 🙂 i love you guys<3

  19. Melina Peralez says :

    Hi this is Melina and ideally want niall horan from one direction to starcall me and if he does I will be the happy a girl in the world pleases please

  20. Melina Peralez says :

    Hi this is Melina and ideally want niall from one direction to call me me and if he does I will be the happy a girl in the world pleases please

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