1D Kissing Booth!



35 responses to “1D Kissing Booth!”

  1. Ally says :

    How do you upload i keep trying to but it is not working

  2. Robyn McAlpine says :

    I really really want one of these photos with me and niall and i also am dying for a signed card i love them with all of my heart and it would meen the world too me i am 11 years old from scotland ! Xxxxx

    • Hayley says :

      i’m 11 from Australia and i’m dying for a card to i can’t get one it won’t work i’m crying i love One Direction more than anyone !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. kathy says :

    Ihave my picture but im not able to see it a t the gallery, but heres the link http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3116343035122&set=a.3116341955095.152859.1460873332&type=3 I love this guys so much ❤

  4. Wow says :

    Hello I find your songs very good and me and all my friends love your haven’t got a favrouite but I know you are all verry talented I’ve been to your concert ones and I have to say it was amazing. ❤

  5. Laura says :

    I love one direction to hear about kissing booth I’m going to scream I love Harry I even want to marry him.p.s Harry I love you so much forever and ever…I am 10 years old

  6. Madison Ames says :

    Hey Ellen! My name is Madison and my four friends Kaitlin, Brooke, Quinn, and Jessica are huge fans of one direction and heard hey would be on your show! So we were wondering if you could please give us a shout out while they are on the show? We watch your show everyday and absolutely love you! Thanks,

  7. Ciara1Direction says :

    One direction? I love you too much for words. Nuff’ said. Can’t wait for 2013 tour in Belfast! Get so excited even thinking about you all being in the same room as me! ILOVEYOU!

  8. Kathy says :

    It wont work

  9. alexis says :

    how do u do it in the page theres nothing helpp plz

  10. Cielooooo says :


  11. Keeli Palmateer says :

    i cant get it on my facebook like there facebook pops up but then i do not no what to click!!! 😦 ❤

  12. Jasmine says :

    same, i have new face book..now whAT..

  13. Mina natalia garcia jones says :

    i love one direction i will go crazy for Zayn, Niall, and louis. People say that Haryy styels is gay.I feel bad for him because my cusin keep on saying that and it makes me sad:(Oh and i’m nine years old and i would love to have a card for them and if i get piked i would hug all of them even arry he is soooo adorable!

  14. mair says :

    how do I access the booth i clicked the link and it took me to their fb page flicked through the page and i couldn’t find it someone tell me step by step instructions please!x

  15. Emma Foard says :

    I would love to meet 1D. It has been a dream come true of mine. I want this cause mine my sister has Rett Syndrome. Plz let me win this

  16. abbie says :

    i actually love them so much ask me any question and ill know the answer xoxox ❤

  17. Gabrielle says :


  18. Anjalie says :

    I’m from Sri Lanka, I’ve never been to any of their concert but I would be the happiest person alive if I got to meet them:) I love them so much:)

  19. Alora says :


  20. Danika Turk says :

    I Love Harry Styles

  21. amytee says :

    1d loveusee

  22. amythomson>maiseethurston says :

    I love one direction there so sexy hot and good kissers

  23. Emi McCarthy says :

    how do i get this?

  24. 76866154 says :

    Beautifu´s!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3

  25. Ellena Tomlinson says :

    Why do you have you have to have facebook or something like that to do this!?!?! SERIOUSLY!

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